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Sales & Distribution of Pharmaceuticals

We provides the medical profession with medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and other such products necessary to help maintain and improve the quality of life of the patient both in the hospital or at home.

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Focused Pharma Ltd has also contacts for North Africa/ Middle East and Asia.

We also offer expertise in translations of official documents company registration in Malta. 

Food Supplements translations, relabelling and notifications can also be performed by our team.

  • Clinically proven to increase sperm count, sperm motility and ejaculatory volume.

  • Optimizes your chances of getting pregnant by increasing male fertility

  • Creates viable, energetic, healthy sperm to help you conceive

  • Packed with vitamins and minerals to boost your chances of conception

  • Counteracts any negative effects on male fertility and sperm health

Our Divisions

Focused Pharma Ltd

Medical Devices

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Focused Pharma Ltd

Medical Equipment

Grafico & stetoscopio
Focused Pharma Ltd

Food Supplements

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Focused Pharma Ltd


Vitamine e pillole
Focused Pharma Ltd

Over The Counter Medication

Little Boy dottore di gioco
Focused Pharma Ltd

Regulatory/Notifications and Tendering Services

Medico con tavoletta digitale

Therapeutic Areas

Target Areas

At Focused Pharma We strive to be market leaders in health care. We bring innovative products to the local health system both in the private market and also in the public market.

Our main Therapeutic Areas are

General Medicine

General Practitioners

Marketing Services provided


Analysis of market

“ Analysis of market environment, competition, prices“ 

Product Positioning

“ with respect to competing products, indications for use, product benefits and claims”

Product launch 

“International speakers, identifying target doctors to be invited.”

Follow up

“in healthcare professionals and Key account managers.”



“ Keeping always the patient in mind we as a company pride ourselves in creating markets that have never been explored by other distributors in Malta. ”



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